herald suites and philippine traditional arts and crafts

In the hotel you will find many decorative touches and furniture that are examples of Filipino craftsmanship: from the tiles in the lobby to the headboards in the rooms.

Craftsmanship: from the tiles in the lobby to the headboards in the rooms.

Machuca Tiles

The oldest tile manufacturing business in the Philippines, and has pioneered the wet and dry process of making Mediterranean design cement tiles. Machuca Tile, Inc. paved some of the most famous churches in the Philippines, as well as the homes of some of the country's most illustrious families. The tile that used to be known as baldoza came to be known as Machuca Tile after its manufacturer in San Miguel, Manila and Paranaque City.

Carabao Bone Inlay and Marquetry on Philippine hardwood

Marquetry is the centuries old crafts tradition of embellishment by means of cutting various shapes and pieces of wood used as a decorative patterns for furniture. Most of the finest bone in-laid-19th century pieces like magnificent chest of drawers,tables and dressers and other furniture inlaid with carabao bone wood carving, come from Pulilan, Bulacan where the craft is still alive today.

Venetian glass mirrors

The mirrors are handcrafted using old techniques copied from Venice, Italy. Each glass is cut, hand-etched, and beveled and then polished and assembled in the Philippines. This technique was passed down from generations of craftsmen who worked for European merchants in Manila in the early 1900's.

Philippine Antique furniture and prints

During the Spanish era many Christianized upper middle class families had “mesa altars” made from Philippine hardwood like narra,kamagong,baticulin, and molave for their houses. They would put carvings of saints also known as “santos” on top with votive candles and flowers so they could have a place for their daily prayers.Other families had small chapels built inside their houses.

Antique prints showing life in the Philippine islands from the 16th to the 18th centuries where mostly ,lithographs and engravings done by foreign travelers or ship historians.Most of these prints ended up as illustrations in books about the Philippine and Pacific islands documenting the life, times, customs, the flora and fauna.Found in antiquarian shops in Europe,they have now become rare and hard to find

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