The Philippines is an archipelago located in Southeast Asia (longitude: 122° 00 E and latitude: 13° 00 N ). It is surrounded by water comprising 7,107 islands and islets. On the east is the Pacific Ocean, on the west is South China Sea. See Philippine Map. The northernmost group of islands in the Philippines is Batanes which is only 190 kilometers from Taiwan, while the southernmost island of Tawi-Tawi, is a mere 60 kilometers away from Borneo.

Official Name: Republica ng Pilipinas | Republic of the Philippines

Land area: 115,830 square miles or 300,000 square kilometers. The total land area of the Philippines is comparable in size to Italy.

Highest peak: Mt. Apo in the island of Mindanao is 2,954 meters or 9,691 feet above sea level.

Climate: Tropical with 2 distinct seasons: wet and dry.

Dry season: from November to May

Wet season: from June to October

Average year round temperature: 27° Celsius / 81° Fahrenheit

Population: 92 million (2009)

Currency: Peso (PHP) Philippine Peso Currency Converter for the latest exchange rates.

Peso Denominations: 1,000; 500; 100; 50; 20; 10; 5; 2; 1; 0.50; 0.25; 0.10; 0.05; 0.01

Official Languages: Pilipino and English


Philippine Inventions:
The Fluorescent Lamp

This was invented by Agapito Flores (1879-1943). Mr. Flores was born in Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines. He showed President Quezon his invention but was saddened that the President did not know what to do with it then. Fortunately, a French guest at the Malacanang Palace made arrangements to send him to Paris with the help of the French government. It was in Paris where he was given a patent for his invention. General Electric Co. in the U.S. bought his work and the rest is history. Source:

The Yo-yo

The yo-yo is considered the second oldest toy in history, the oldest being the doll. 
Pedro Flores, a Filipino, originated and introduced the U.S. manufactured yo-yo.

The word yo-yo is a Tagalog word, a nativePhilippine language, meaning 'come back.' In the Philippines, the yo-yo was a weapon for over 400 hundred years. The weapon was large with sharp edges and studs and attached to thick twenty-foot ropes for flinging at enemies or prey. People in the United States started playing with the British bandalore or yo-yo in the 1860s. It was not until the 1920s that Americans first heard the word yo-yo. Mr. Flores began manufacturing a toy trademarked with that name. He became the first person to mass-produce them at his small toy factory called Flores Yo-Yo Company in California.

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